Home Page of Mok-Kong Shen, Munich, Germany

This home page is a complete replacement of its predecessor which has not been modified since October 2003. Currently it contains only a selected small number of my software in cryptography and steganography, mostly coded in Python.

For reasons of more easy maintenance, my home page is now in a new Internet domain. There is another Internet domain that contains a home page II of mine (http://mokkong-shen.homepage.t-online.de), the purpose of which is to publish some notes as well as my software that are either yet experimental or are deemed not of general interest. Its content is currently empty.

I appologize that there was once a period where technical errors caused a couple of files not processable.

First publication date: 18.04.2017

Date of last introduction of new software or new version of any existing software: 04.09.2017

To get the code, we recommend to use the mouse to mark the code region and copy and insert the stuff into a text editor and store as a file.

Code lines of softwaare of the same name and same version are always identical, though there may be interim modifications of the comment lines.

  1. WORDLISTTEXTSTEGANOGRAPHY : Embedding secret bytes in natural language texts
  2. EMAILSTEGANO : Embedding secret bits in emails
  3. PROVABLEPRIME : Generating provable primes, RSA encryption (with authentication), digital signature and PRBG
  4. AES/PYTHON : AES encryption (with authentication) and counter mode
  5. PERMPOLYSP : Encryption (with authentication) based on permutation of bytes and substitution of bit groups
  6. BASICS : Encryption (with authentication) based on permutation and substitution of characters
  7. DICE : Utility to convert dice throws to hex sequence
  8. AES : AES implementation in C
  9. HOMOPHONE-SP : An encryption software employing homophonic substitution and transpositions (with authentication)
  10. INDEXINGPERMUTATIONS: Indexing permutations with repeated elements
  11. TEXTCOMBINE-REV, A software for combining text files to obtain high-quality pseudo-randomness in practice (replacing an earlier retracted software)
  12. UTILITIES: Collection of some utilities
The motivation of this rather unusual update of my home page is to render the latest and correctly maintained versions of the above listed software constantly to be freely accessible on the Internet. For previously these software had been simply posted by me to different threads of an Internet discussion forum. However, since the beginning of 2017, there were obviously certain file storage integrity problems there such that a number of my posted Python codes all of a sudden became defective, which was later called to my attention by a few of their users. Since it turns out to be impracticable for me to attempt to constantly check for and eventually repair such damages, I decided to publish a selected subset of my software directly on my own home page, where I can much more easily ensure their integrity for the benefit of their users.

Contact email address: mok-kong.shen@t-online.de